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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The past few weeks

 Over the past few weeks, we have met four times- twice on a Wednesday, once on a Friday, and once on a Saturday. Over those two days (Plus a little outside work), we completed several other missions on the board. Our total are: Pest Removal, Pollution Reversal, Corn Harvest (not full credit), Fishing, Disinfect, and Hand Washing, both bacterial and viral. A practice tournament last Monday got us 108 out of 456 possible points, good enough for second place by four points. This is probably the hardest board ever.

As for the project, the infomercial to promote our product, the PureFlour 2000, designed to remove weevils and their eggs from flour, has taken shape. It has an interview with the inventor, and testimonials by a restaurant owner and a home chef who is baking cookies with friends. All we need to do is to practice it!

And we don't have much time to practice, as the Raliegh Area Veteran Qualifying Tounament is Saturday!