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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bricks and Basics

Last Wednesday was the second meeting of Lego Lightning. We had a few new team members this time, so we started with a go-around of names and ages, and we wore name tags so everyone could see who we were. We played the problem-solving game again, and arranged ourselves by name, and then age.(I was at the end both times, my name beginning with B and being the oldest, 14) After the snack, we were split into four groups. Two of the groups learned the basics of programming the robot, while the other two began building the mission models, and after a while we switched out.

We did'nt get all the models put together, so the rest was saved for next week. We did get built a table, a kitchen sink, a corn harvester, a vegetable truck, a refrigerated trailer, fish, a cow, a pig, bacteria, and viruses. Unfourtunately, we won't know what we have to do with them until September 7th. Also, some of the team members hadn't designed a logo yet, so the due date for that has been switched to next week.
Next week: More mission models, and a logo!