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Monday, August 29, 2011

Meeting 3 - Field Trip

Last Wednesday was the third meeting of Lego Lightning. We had four new faces this week, so they were introduced to the robot basics while the rest of the team finished the Mission Models from last week. Then we voted on a logo. After that, we piled into our cars and went on a field trip to the local Chick-fil-a. There we learned some of the things restaurants do to keep their food safe while being prepared, like washing your hands before and after touching food, and what they used for disinfecting surfaces (Hydrochloric acid). They also had color-coded knives, scissors, and gloves; yellow for raw food, white for cooked.

We also learned about the "danger zone", or the range of temperatures that bacteria can grow in. If the food is supposed to be cold, like for salads or preparing meats, then it has to stay below 40 degrees Celsius; and if it is hot, then it has to stay over 140 degrees Celsius. Any temperature in between, and bacteria can grow. Don't know what we are going to do next meeting, though!

Also, Happy Birthday to Connor, who turned 11 on meeting day!