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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meeting 1 - Icebreaker

Yesterday was the first meeting of the team. We all were greeted by the coaches, who told the newcomers about First Lego League, and then we played a couple games to learn each other's names and interests. In the first game, we tossed a ball around with the sender asking a question about the receiver, and the receiver answering.

After that, we played a problem-solving game. One teammate was chosen to be the questioner, and the rest  of the team was given the name of a well-known person/cartoon character. The questioner then had to guess who the person was by using yes/no questions.

Next, we showed a brief overview of basics of the robot game, last year's board, the robot kit and the programming environment. Then we voted on the team name: LEGO LIGHTNING! the runner-up was the CookieBots. The homework is designing a logo to go on the shirts, banners, and maybe buttons. Next meeting on Wednesday!

Got a sneak peek at the mission model kit for this year; it included lego carrots, croissants, bananas, and a loaf of french bread. Building next week!

~Ben Dunphy, senior team member and blogger